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LARQ Movement Self-Sanitizing Water Bottle

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LARQ Movement Self-Sanitizing Water Bottle

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For those of us who carry and use a water bottle regularly, there’s always a concern about germ contamination and bacterial buildup. Beyond what we can immediately see, there’s a telltale sign for a less-than-hygienic bottle: the smell. Thankfully, LARQ has a created an integrated cap-based solution that kills odor- and disease-causing bacteria and micro-organisms using UV-C LED technology. You can get this in their latest iteration of their water bottle, the LARQ Movement.

The LARQ Movement uses a proprietary cap that uses UV-C LED purification system. This is the same technology used by hospitals and medical professionals to sterilize medical equipment and emergency rooms, with studies showing 99.9% effectiveness at killing or inactivating harmful micro-organisms. While it’s on the bottle, you simply press a button on the lid and let it silently do its work, delivering 1,200 uW-sec to the bottle internals for 60 seconds. Double tapping the button activates Adventure Mode, which increases the UV-C dosage 3,000 uW-sec, a more powerful option for when you think your bottle may be exposed to more harmful agents, or you simply don’t trust the water source you just used to fill your bottle, with a glowing rim letting you know it’s doing its work.

You can use the purifying function when the bottle is empty to sterilize it, or to purify the liquid it contains. And in case you do forget, the LARQ Movement automatically activates it every two hours, keeping it clean and sterile during transit and throughout the day. Nonetheless, it’s still a good habit to clean your bottle inside and out with soap and water regularly. While the UV-C light disinfects and kills a lot of harmful micro-organisms, it’s limited to shining on the inside of the bottle, and is not meant to sterilize the exterior, much less your hands or your skin.

The cap’s Lithium-Polymer battery fully recharges in an hour via the integrated IPX-7 rated waterproof USB port, glowing a solid green when fully topped up. That charge would get you around 1 to 2 months on Normal Mode, and around 10 to 12 days on Adventure Mode. While this is the same cap used on the original, the newer LARQ Movement improves on the drinking interface with a redesigned rim that is easier and more comfortable to drink from.

Perhaps best of all, this new bottle is more affordable than the original, giving you a bottle that’s lighter, grippier, and easier to drink from—a great companion for all your travel and adventures. In the current circumstance of the “new normal,” having access to integrated UV-C LED technology to help sanitize your everyday water carrier, in combination with good hygienic habits like regular hand washing, is simply a good idea. Plus, no more stinky water bottle smell! You can get you own LARQ Movement in both 24 oz. and 32 oz. versions at the link below.

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