A Few Essentials EDC

Andrew Lossing
Banker (age 35)
Some favorite standbys (the Pilar and Kaweco pen) and a couple new to the rotation and really working well. All four of these items are rock solid and I'd recommend them to anyone!

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Ethan Hardy ·
I’ve been debating getting a Kaweco, have you ever had one leak or anything? How good are they?
Andrew Lossing ·
They're great for around $20, I don't see how it would leak. I have a medium nib and an extra fine, as I'm left handed I like the extra fine one for quick drying. They write well, I can't compare them to expensive pens because I haven't used one.
Ethan Hardy ·
Thanks dude, I’m definitely gonna give one a try! I’ve been wanting to give the pilar a try too so maybe I’ll have to get them both in brass
Andrew Lossing ·
Well, I have handled the brass one and it's a little ridiculous in weight. If you're expecting that, it's fine, but I recommend getting one of the $17 plastic ones to get a feel for the lighter feel and quality. It's nice plastic, and you can get them in tons of colors.