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Trending: Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD

Mon Garcia
Trending: Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD

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The Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD continues to trend as one of the most popular keychain additions to many EDC setups. It’s an easy way to carry EDC essentials on an item you have on you most, if not of the time. As with any good multi-tool, it delivers on the basics in its compact 2.25" long, 0.74-ounce chassis: a 1.25" blade for basic cutting and piercing tasks, a usable pair of spring-loaded scissors that Victorinox has become known for, a small file with a screwdriver end, plus the usual tweezers and toothpick stored in its iconic Cellidor scales. Last but not least, a split ring lets you add the tool easily to any setup. The Swiss Army Classic SD is one of their most popular models, so you can get it in a slew of colors and special edition scales. Check them out at the link below.

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Johan Bertilsson ·
I own several of course, but i like the Rally with a small philips screwdriver a bit better.