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Streamlight Flipmate

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Mon Garcia
Streamlight Flipmate

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If you’re in a profession that requires reliable and strong illumination in your work area, or simply want a robust, yet compact work light to be a part of your EDC, the new Streamlight Flipmate may be for you. More than a traditional cylindrical flashlight, the Flipmate is designed to deploy light from any angle. With a unique form factor and an innovative flip system to illuminate exactly where needed, this new member of the Streamlight Work Light family is a portable workhorse for your next project.

The Flipmate comes with a magnetic base and a folding light bar that rotates up to 270 degrees for directional flexibility, offering accessible and versatile area lighting. The bar comes with two LED types across four modes: The cool white LEDs in the center provide the higher output bright white light, delivering 500 lumens for 2.5 hours on High, and 250 lumens for 5.75 hours on Low. On the edges of the light bar are high CRI LEDs with Streamlight’s own Color-Rite technology, providing a daylight-like tint that allows you to better distinguish colors. This helps with differentiating paint or wire colors while at a work site, and as a bonus, provides natural-looking light for photos and videos. These lights can run at 400 lumens for 2.5 hours on High, and at 200 lumens for 6 hours on Low, the latter providing a good option for when you need illumination for a long duration, such as when at camp or during emergency situations.

Strong and long-lasting light output, two types of LEDs and four lighting options, plus a portable chassis weighing 8.7 ounces make the Streamlight Flipmate a good option for EDC. It’s something you can easily keep in your bag or even your pocket. It also comes in three color options for matching the rest of your kit: black, blue and red. And for those who like to bring a camera along, its multi-mode lighting functions as a compact and reliable light source that can help enhance your pictures or videos. If you’re looking for a compact, long-running, and reliable work light for EDC, check out the Streamlight Flipmate at the link below.

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