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Aviator Slide Wallet

Ditching an old, bulky back-pocket bifold wallet is usually at the front of your mind when you’re starting to upgrade your EDC essentials. But making the leap to a more minimalist front-pocket wallet can be harder than you might think. For starters, the sheer amount of options you have to consider are legion. And even more troublesome is the fact that most slim wallet designs actually sacrifice more than carrying capacity: they’re just plain hard to use every day. But from every difficult situation often comes innovation. Take the newly-updated Aviator Slide wallet, for example, which gives you a practical wallet that’s slim and sleek, and with the ergonomics that make it a joy to use, and not a hassle.

The new Aviator Slide adds a convenient pull-tab to their handy card slide design. This lets you pull and fan out up to 20 standard-sized payment and identification cards without having to fumble around. And unlike with other wallets, the metal panel design sandwiched together with a secure elastic strap (that doubles as a cash holder) ensures that none of your cards fall out accidentally. There’s even a dedicated compartment for coins for added convenience.

Another thing that sets the Aviator Slide apart is its immense customizability. There 650 different options available for you to pick from when you customize your own design to suit your needs. For example, you can pick the material of your choice when it comes to the core of the wallet, with options available for aircraft-grade aluminum, titanium, and lightweight carbon fiber. With any choice, however, you benefit from quality German engineering and handmade precision manufacturing, giving you a highly-personalized wallet that’s as aesthetic and luxurious as it is practical in daily use.

With such a rich feature set paired with a beautiful design, and Aviator’s commitment to craftsmanship with a lifetime warranty, the Slide makes a strong and unique contender for your next EDC wallet. Click the link below to customize your own Aviator Slide, and you can enjoy free shipping worldwide as an added bonus.

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