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Andy Vasquez ·
Would appreciate more info re the titanium mechanical pencil. Clicking on the item takes you to AMAZON and that item is not to be found there. Please indicate where it can be purchased. Thanks.
James Kinsfather ·
The mechanical pencil can be found. A few places. eBay, aliexpress, the pencil can be a pen also. “Titanium mechanical pencil” would be the best search to find it.
Jan Gloystein ·
Hi there, awesome stuff. Please provide more details about "the beast". Can't seem to find anything about it. Thanks a lot.
James Kinsfather ·
It is 114g solid TC4 titanium, 4 tritium pores. Produced in limited numbers By moorlander. Found it available through a seller on eBay. And yes finding information on it is a test. The seller on eBay goes by “byenjoy 1979” . Hope this helps?
Jan Gloystein ·
Thanks for the response James. I can't even find Moorlander itself online :D.
James Kinsfather ·
Did you look up the seller on eBay? Then look through the items the seller has available. I am only going off of what the seller has provided for information. Some times there can be a translation error. But I have looked back since you asked about it and the item is still available.