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KeySmart CleanTray

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KeySmart CleanTray

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As our EDC kit and collections grow, so does the need for a place to lay it all down at the end of the day. And with the current concerns about the transmission of diseases like COVID-19 and other harmful microbes or substances, the use of UV light as a disinfectant has proven to be an effective deterrent, killing or inactivating 99.9% of harmful micro-organisms. The KeySmart CleanTray gives you a place to store and organize your EDC essentials, as well as a way to keep them sterilized via UV light, in a compact and portable valet kit you can keep at home or bring with you during your travels.

With external dimensions of 8.2"x4.6"x2" the CleanTray is about the size of a mid-sized paperback book, and at 0.5 lbs is portable and easy to carry in your pack. The chassis is made of ABS plastic, and instead of using liquids, chemicals, or wipes, it treats whatever you store inside with germ-killing UV light. When you close the lid, two 2W UV light bulbs emit at 260 to 280nm, the right range for effective sterilization of bacteria. Internal dimensions of the CleanTray measure at 7.8"x3.9"x 0.9" and can accommodate phones with screens up to 7" big. It’s also spacious enough to store and disinfect the rest of your pocket essentials like knives, flashlights, entire keychain setups, wallets, sunglasses, and earbuds.

Snap the lid shut, press the power button, and leave it in for five minutes to let the technology get to work. Aside from your EDC gear, you can also use it to sanitize reusable face masks as an additional precaution. Topping up is easy as the CleanTray charges its internal 1,000mAh battery via a readily available micro USB port and its included cable. As a bonus, there’s a slot inside where you can put a few drops of your favorite essential oils and use it as a diffuser to keep your gear smelling good in addition to being sterilized and clean.

The KeySmart CleanTray ensures that EDC smalls are kept protected during transit and 99.99% germ- and bacteria-free. And when you get home or to your travel destination, it transitions to a convenient desktop valet. Take it anywhere to keep your high-touch EDC gear organized, sanitized, and safe. Check it out at the link below.

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Josh ·
So I just got one of these today. It’s pretty cool, but also a little disappointing. It’s very shallow. It seems to work great for most phones and smaller pocket knives and stuff. However, neither my watch nor my basic wayfarer style sunglasses fit...it’s to shallow. If your watch will lay totally flat, it will probably fit, but if it has a bracelet that does not completely separate from itself, it’s probably a no go. I have no way to test the actual effectiveness of the UV light, and so I’m going to assume it’s doing it’s job until I find out otherwise...I am a bit skeptical though, that the placement of the lights are on the two longer sides of the boxes interior and nothing on the inside of the lid. I’m guessing that the bright white plastic is reflecting enough of the UV to keep it effective On the important surfaces of things like phones. Overall it’s a cool product/concept. Going to hang on to it.
Josh ·
Snagged one of these to try out. They’ve been around for phones for years...but now seem like an even better investment...we shall see 😊