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Trending: ThruNite Ti4 V2

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Mon Garcia
Trending: ThruNite Ti4 V2

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There are a lot of penlights readily available, but the ThruNite Ti4 V2 distinguishes itself with a convenient interface and strong feature set. For starters, it always starts on its 0.37 lumen Firefly mode, useful for preserving night vision and for first aid or medical use, and one that the Ti4 V2 can hold for 137 hours. Half-pressing the tailswitch from there cycles through a 24 lumen Low that can go for 12 hours, a 252 lumen High that goes for 51 minutes, and finally a Strobe that can hold for 90 minutes during emergencies, all from 2 standard AAA batteries. At 5.23" long and around 0.56" thick, the hard-anodized, anti-abrasive, IPX8-rated aluminum chassis is around the same size as a medium marker, making it easy to pocket or pack into your everyday bag. It comes with a short pocket clip and weighs 0.79 ounces without batteries, perfect for daily shirt or pants pocket carry. A familiar form factor and thoughtful features make the ThruNite Ti4 V2 a strong and practical option for an EDC light. Choose from a Neutral White or Cool White XP-G2 LED at the link below.

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