My EDC in the IDF

Aside from my rifle and uniform, this is what I carry every day in the IDF. "Fast, sharp, deadly." Motto of the Nahal 932nd Infantry Battalion.

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Nice simple carry, looks like a I mean business edc, thanks for sharing
A miss a separate folder knife and a wristwatch. 420HC is not a bad steel but I found it weak for heavier use. Just a recommendation, great EDC by the way.
Thanks for the tips, I actually have a GShock watch that I wear every day. I'll do a better photoshoot and be sure to include that later.
Seems like an intense profession!
Thanks for photo. I like simplicity and clear purpose of Your EDC.
thanks for your service G-d bless
How is carrying the MUT? I feel that it might be too heavy to wear everyday on a belt, but could really use all those tools in one bad*ss little package. I am torn between it and the skeletool