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SAFE Wallet for iPhone 6 Plus

Mikey Bautista

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After the success of their iPhone 5 cases, BulletTrain out of San Francisco are back on Kickstarter with their wallet replacement solution for the iPhone 6 Plus, the SAFE Wallet. Able to conceal up to 5 credit cards or 15 business cards, bills, keys, flash drives, and the upcoming SAFE pen, the SAFE wallet is a great way to protect your phone while drastically reducing your wallet footprint, all in a package thinner than a Sharpie. There's plenty of time to back the project, and pledging lets you choose one of four fade-resistant colors in lightweight Polycarbonate.


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Guillermo Eduardo ·
all inclusive theft
Giancarlo Muoz Viterbo ·
I gotta have this! Thanks for sharing this, Mikey!
Chris Szaroleta ·
iPhones get all the cool gear... Whomp, whomp... :-/