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ReyLight Pineapple Ti Mini

Mikey Bautista
ReyLight Pineapple Ti Mini

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As the battle for the brightest and most fully featured flashlight rages on, it’s often easy to forget that sometimes the smallest light can make the biggest difference in your carry. New AAA lights have fallen by the wayside in the modern flashlight market, with few options that offer a robust, premium, and pocketable experience all in one model. ReyLight has long been a player in the game offering outstanding enthusiast EDC flashlights, and now with the Pineapple Ti Mini they’ve set their sights on the smaller stage to build one of the best AAA lights you can buy.

It’s easy to find an AAA flashlight. It’s easy to find a titanium flashlight. Many enthusiast flashlights offer excellent high CRI LEDs. But finding all those features in one production flashlight and still keeping the price low—now there’s the challenge. But somehow, the ReyLight Pineapple Ti Mini manages to do it all. You’d be forgiven for mistaking this for a custom flashlight. The use of titanium, Nichia 219B high-CRI LED, and even the option to power it with a 10440 li-ion battery are all the hallmarks of more expensive lights, but ReyLight keeps the price within range of $50.

The Ti Mini comes with more than a few features that elevate it even further than what’s on its spec sheet. You get a deep carry pocket clip, a reverse tail clicky where most AAA opt for the easier twisty interface, and the versatility to use a primary AAA (max of 90 lumens) or an unprotected flat top 10440 (max of 240 lumens). It even comes with a programmable interface to dial in the Ti Mini’s modes to your exact needs. Last but not least, by ordering from ReyLight directly you get the option to add a tritium vial to its tail switch, personalizing it further for your EDC.

Do more with less and elevate your EDC with the ReyLight Pineapple Ti Mini, available at the link below.

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Jof Blanco Tongson ·
Hi! Just got one in brass. Having a hard time finding a link to program it. Is it even programable? Appreciate any response.
Luke Hale ·
Reylight Mini Pineapple Programming Guide

1. Turn on the light.

2. Press the button 8+ times. The light will now blink once, then strobe, blink twice, then strobe, blink three times, then strobe…After 5 blinks and a strobe, the sequence repeats.

a. 1 blink: mode group selection. Press the button to enter this menu.

i. 1 blink: (ML)-2%-20%-100%

ii. 2nd blink: (ML)-10%-40%-100%

iii. 3rd blink: (ML)-2%-10%-50%

iv. 4th blink: (ML)-50%-100%-strobe-SOS

It then repeats. Press the button during any blink to select that mode group.

b. 2 blinks: mode memory on-off toggle (default off). Press the button during the two blinks or during the strobe after to turn mode memory on. Repeat to turn mode memory off.

c. 3 blinks: moonlight mode off-on toggle (default on). Press the button during the three blinks or during the strobe after to turn moonlight off. Repeat to turn moonlight on.

d. 4 blinks: mode order toggle (default LMH). Press the button during the four blinks or during the strobe after to change the mode order from Low Medium High to High Medium Low. Repeat to reverse the order.

e. 5 blinks: factory reset. Press the button during the five blinks or during the strobe after to reset the light to factory settings.

Shorcut: quick double tap to turbo.