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RovyVon Aurora A8 Pro UV Flashlight

Jonathan Tayag
RovyVon Aurora A8 Pro UV Flashlight

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Even just a year ago, specialized and feature-specific tools for EDC were few and far between. This is especially true for flashlights, which have been gearing towards do-it-all packages for every task under the sun. But unprecedented times call for new and unique tools, and RovyVon’s new A8 Pro finds its niche as one of the most useful tools in a personal safety and hygiene kit. Powered by two types of UV lights that each offer their own specific functionality, it’s the pandemic partner you didn’t know you needed packed into your kit.

Two types of UV LEDs are at the heart and at the end of the A8 Pro. Its side lights make use of UV-A (the more common UV spectrum) LEDs, often used to identify fake currency and verify the authenticity of government identification, as well as illuminating how clean--or dirty--surfaces are by exposing stains (but be careful what you wish for). This is paired with a practical 4500K neutral white LED emitter on the side of the clear plastic body of the flashlight, which you can use as an area or reading light when the A8 Pro is clipped onto a bag or hat. And depending on the variant of the light you choose, you also get either a red light or an additional UV-A spectrum module.

On the businesses end, the Aurora A8 Pro’s primary UV-C emitter is from Seoul Electronics and on the 270nm wavelength that’s has been proven to be 99.9% effective at killing or inactivating harmful microorganisms. Just be sure not to look into the emitter or shine it onto other people, as direct exposure to UV-C is harmful. The A8 Pro features an integral 330mAh lithium polymer battery and convenient micro-USB rechargeability so you can always be sure the light is good to go. Activating each LED and their respective instant-access modes is easy with a single hand via the side switch button, and you can attach this small light onto your keychain via the rear lanyard ring.

With the Aurora A8 Pro, RovyVon has taken their winning EDC flashlight design and made it shine for those who need UV light in their everyday carry. Make this unique a part of your EDC today at the link below.

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Giuseppe Cristiani ·
this flashlight looks really very interesting, but do you know how many lumens it produces?