Light, write, knife, and knuck

James Kinsfather
Edmond ok

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Very Cool, James
James Kinsfather ·
Thanks, Mark. I Just added the flashlight recently to my carry.
Spencer Rosengarten ·
Nice lanyard work! Where did you get the metal-work from?
James Kinsfather ·
Thanks. Spencer. I’m not really sure what you mean by “metal-work”? Are you talking about surface treatment. Or where did I actually get each item from? Be happy to help with either question.
Spencer Rosengarten ·
The metal objects that the lanyards either run through (knuck and knife) or are capped by (knife).
Spencer Rosengarten ·
*paracord lanyards
James Kinsfather ·
They are just titanium lanyard beads, the knuckle duster has a combo of 3 beads on it, the outer Beads being identical. The can be purchased on eBay, Etsy, aliexpress, most sites with EDC gear carry lanyard beads. Knots used are. Snake knot, & world knot, at the ends.
James Kinsfather ·
The knife has a combo of 2 titanium beads and a Titanium shackle. Some times I acid etch the titanium with a household chemical to make the titanium parts match.