Silent but Deadly

Photographer (age 24)
Miami, FL
My carry would best be described as a light & functional pack for the traveling media professional. It consists of a quick assortment of on-the-go camera equipment, precision editing software, office tools & everyday outdoor necessities.

The foundation of this pack would have to be the 16 megapixel Japanese FUJIFILM XT-1 mirror-less camera. This one is equipped w/ a 35mm F1.4 prime. The camera packs a huge punch with only a 3rd of the weight of most DSLR's.

I chose a black Langly Camera Strap for shoulder support. Langly focuses on detail and durability and Im a huge fan of their leather "paracord" camera straps. Slick look, tough build, & nice on the collar skin.

In the case of working on the fly, it's important to have extra memory - (16GB) Lexar SD card & my durable PNY 32GB USB, as well as more back up power - (extra Fuji camera battery).

In close reach I carry a flexible mini tripod for tougher shots; recreational or professional and my MOLESKINE pocketbook for ideas, contact #'s, or quick notes.

So that I arrive & exit in a timely manner - Rose Gold & Leather timepiece by MVMT Watches

So that I'm always hydrated with ICE COLD water over a 12 hour period (11 hours warm) - Orange Gripped S'well Bottle

Spitfire England frames wont break the bank and they look nice so you won't feel like a douchebag when you lose them on a boat or sit on them

Last but certainly not least, and significantly most important for this pack, is the 13' MacBook Pro Retina. I spend a majority of my editing time w this puppy and the beautiful screen provides good support for editing in brightly lit & outdoor environments. The battery life of 3-5 hours is also commendable!

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Paulydakiwi ·
Very cool little set up like it
Chris Szaroleta ·
Great carry description!
Alan Huang ·
What bag do you use?
Bernard Capulong ·
Nice! I'm kinda interested in EDC water bottles. How do you like the S'well?