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Manker E02 II Right-Angle Flashlight

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Mon Garcia
Manker E02 II Right-Angle Flashlight

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As the years go on, pocket-friendly EDC lights have not only improved on maximum light output, but on functionality and versatility as well. And it’s not just the regular flashlights either—even right-angle task lights are getting much-needed modern upgrades. The Manker E02 II updates their original mini-right angle flashlight with an improved LED and a better overall build. It lets you bring a highly functional light in a package that you’ll barely notice carrying, yet will appreciate when it’s time to get some work done.

The E02 II is powered by either AAA disposables or 10440 rechargeable batteries. It combines a floody TIR optic lens with a Luminus SST-20 emitter which you can get in a cool white or a 95+ CRI neutral white version. A sturdy stainless steel switch gives you access to the different modes. A single click activates General, which lets you switch between a 90-lumen Mid or 220-lumen High by holding the button down. Double-clicking activates Turbo, and a triple click gives you Strobe. The light tops out at 420 lumens on Turbo using a 3.7V 10440 rechargeable battery.

A long press of the switch from off accesses the E02’s Moonlight modes, which you can switch between by holding down the button while the light is on, with levels between 5 and 30 lumens. Last but not least, clicking the switch four times when the light is off activates the lockout mode, preventing accidental activation when the E02 II is in your pocket or hanging on your keychain. Four clicks unlocks it and brings back normal operation.

The E02’s killer feature is definitely its size. Its aluminum chassis has roughly the diameter of a standard AA battery at 0.6" along the body, with the head unit attached extending the length to 2.86" and measuring 0.76" at its widest point. It weighs 21.2 grams without a battery, and features a hard-anodized, anti-abrasive finish to protect from scuffs and scratches. This new version of the E02 is now rated IPX-8 versus the IPX-6 of its predecessor and can be safely submerged and operated up to a 2 meter depth. It’s also rated impact resistant for drops from up to 2 meters high.

The reversible stainless steel clip, combined with the magnet and the key hole at the base give you multiple mounting and carry options. Hung on a backpack strap for hands-free lighting during hikes, attached magnetically to a car hood or fender to help with automotive repairs, or hung up with your keychain setup, the Manker E02 II extends its utility in a variety of ways. What’s more, the right angle head lets it illuminate areas not normally reached by more conventional flashlights, even those with magnetic bases.  An optional elastic headband lets you easily convert the E02 II to a headlamp, furthering it’s hands-free operation

The Manker E02 II right angle flashlight packs power and functionality in a package that easily fits in your palm, pocket, or pack. If you’re looking for maximum utility in something that’s small enough to stow away in an Altoids tin, this is a solid minimalist option. Check out this versatile pocket rocket at the link below.

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