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Trending: Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife

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Mon Garcia
Trending: Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife

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If you’ve used your own EDC knife to open boxes lined with tape, or break down cardboard all day, you know that those tasks take their toll on the sharpness and cleanliness of your beloved edge. The utility knife, with its replaceable blades taking the brunt of the work without need for sharpening or cleaning, is a more appropriate tool for the job.

The Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife presents a practical option that’s been tried and tested by many. The “fastback” in its name refers to its quick-flipping one-handed operation, similar to an EDC folder. Press down on the button lock and flip out the blade holder, which holds standard utility blades. A notch in the handle lets it act like a gut hook, cutting cordage without having to deploy the blade. It also features a storage section in the handle that lets you bring up to five extra blades along.

When it's time to move, wire clip lets you keep the this utility knife secure and within reach in your pants or tool bag pocket. Keep your primary blade sharp let the right tool do the job with the Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife. Check it out at the link below.

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Christian Saul Allen ·
I. Love. This. Utility. Knife.
I have honestly tried to replace it just to see if there's something better for me. Nope. Nothing close. The size, fit, and ease of use has been perfect for me. I work in a restaurant and unload trucks of products for my store. I cut up lots of cardboard each day and this keeps it simple, smooth, and way easier to do than with other styles of utility knives I've tried.

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