Affordable pocket friendly EDC for medium/light duty

Burgerflipper (age 48)
United States
These items are the most affordable of my collection, yet still of the best quality. Swap out the Fisher Space Pen for a cheaper pen and this EDC is well under $100. Good for medium or light duty tasks, and if any of the items breaks or is lost or stolen, you're not out a lot of money. Good EDC for someone that doesn't have a lot of money, and is my current EDC.

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Marcus G ·
I'm interested in the rope/cordage, the "whistle" attached to the light, and the clip on your space pen? Really nice pocket dump and love the inexpensive kits, shows you don't need to spend tons to be effective, efficient and keep a few bucks for the children!!
BurgerBuddy ·
Thanks. :) The cord is just cheap paracord from a home supply store (Menards). Occasionally it's handy to tie something. The clip on the space pen is off a Pentel mechanical pencil (fits the space pen pretty good). The whistle is a zipper pull I got from Amazon (I'll try posting the link). amazon.com/gp/product/B079QHXBH7/
BurgerBuddy ·
You'll have to add the usual prefix on that link for it to work.