Zolt Laptop Charger


As much as technological advances have thinned our devices, the universally despised power bricks included with each notebook computer don’t seem to be shrinking very quickly. Power bricks aside from the Finsix Dart, anyhow, and now the Zolt. Dubbed the smallest, lightest laptop charger, the Zolt is likely several times smaller than the adapter you currently use while still outputting up to 70 watts of power. It also boasts a handsome brushed enclosure, flip-out prongs to stay compact when carried, and three USB ports to power or charge your smaller, less power-intensive devices at the same time.

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No Mac compatibility. Whomp...whomp...
Looks like there is, it says "*Optional Apple Mac laptop cable accessory available for purchase when Zolt ships" on their purchase page.
Hmmm...well interesting!