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Trending: Leatherman FREE P4

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Mon Garcia
Trending: Leatherman FREE P4

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The Leatherman FREE P4 is the flagship of their latest line of multi-tools, sporting a classic design with a new magnetic architecture that elevates deployment and ease of use. Like a lot of their models, the FREE P4 is centered on a pair of combination pliers with integrated wire cutters. These ones deploy like a butterfly knife once you separate the magnetically bound handles. The rest of the tools deploy out of the handles via a front flipper-like deployment. Rolling your thumb on the exposed tabs gives you access to the rest of the 21 functions, including different sets of drivers and openers, spring-loaded scissors, file, awl, box cutter, and three different blades made of 420HC steel—plain, serrated, and a saw.

These tools lie facing outwards on the handles, letting you access them without having to open up the pliers. Because of the innovative magnetic and cam lock mechanisms built into the chassis, all of these functions can be accessed and stowed away with ease. At 4.25" closed and 8.6 ounces total, the Leatherman FREE P4 carries well with its included sheath, and is a functional addition to your EDC. Check it out at the link below.

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I own this and I really like how all the tools are accessible from the outside and how easy it is to operate with one hand.
Yet there are a few things they could have done better: the scissors don't use the whole length of the handle, I don't know why they're not bigger. The ruler is very much useless, could have been in the handles as in previous models. The blades aren't exactly easy to open, you have to add thumptabs. And biggest drawback for me: it doesn't have a bit holder. You can get one and put it in yourself, but I think they could have already included one at leatherman
Quentin Misselyn ·
not a single word on this awesome HDS flashlight, but she's the star of this setup.