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Firefighter (age 30)
Manchester, United Kingdom

This dump is very typical of what is either carried or close to me from day to day. Items are swapped out based on the optimum choice for the task and the carry.

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The CX I've had for around 5 years now, first it had the serrated blade, that had a hard life as I used the tool predominantly s a knife - its that good. I sent it for a warranty repair and it came back with the straight edge. Slightly miffed at first but now forgotten. Anyway...
The CX was my first Leatherman and over the years my Leatherman and knife collection has grown, but the CX is still the first tool or knife that I reach for and is truly my everyday carry.
how is the skeletool cx doing for you? i have the standard model and i like the 154cm blade.
The phone. Watch, P5 and the Skeletool live on me. The Raptors are coming more and more useful! The choice of knife depends on the situation, it's not always appropriate to pull out a 110 so the Redpoint comes in as a quiet little hero.
A multitool for every knife and a flashlight for every multitool!