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David S
These are the things i carry on the daily basis, not necessarily in my pockets only but they are always "on-person" carry.

Being a tukang (tradesman\craftsman) I spend most of my time at worksites with poses no issues of me carrying sharp pointy things.
My carry is highly practical and functional and everything in my rotation gets used everyday.

Gerber center-drive, fantastic bit driver and one hand operation\ Deployment. More reviews on another post

baofeng uv5r, very functional radio. usually used at the worksite where phone calls and texts just isnt fast and convenient enough.

OTF knife ( unfortunately its a china knock off) quick one hand deployment, perfect for marking, cutting and fidgeting ?

Olight m2r warrior, a 18650 cell light, giving enough lumen output for lighting up dark places day (ceilings, storerooms) and night. Paired with a cap, its can double up as a headlight for hands-free work

Kerastangan Leather minimalist wallet. Its original purpose as its name states was to hold cards, pocket knife and light. I've repurposed it for to suit my needs carrying a notebook,memo pad and multiple writing tools, i.e. Markers,ballpoints, carpenters pencil, mechanical pencil.
come in handy to jot down dimensions, list down materials, label parts and draw a birthday card on the go ?

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John Wallace ·
I rock a feng to. Nice stuff man
David S ·
Awesome... 👍💪