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Trending: Spyderco BaliYo Wing

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Gabriel Colin
Trending: Spyderco BaliYo Wing

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When you hear the word “balisong”, you might think of the popular butterfly-style knife from the Philippines. And, while these blades are usually meant for self-defense, some of their other features are useful for harmless fun as well. “Flipping” a balisong is both a skillful and fidget-friendly practice which lets the user display their dexterity. Of course, getting to the point where you can use a balisong and perform tricks with it takes quite a bit of practice. This is why trainers like the Spyderco BaliYo exist, giving you all the fun and none of the finger-chopping danger. While the BaliYo is designed to be a pen, its three-pronged construction with weighted handles lets you simulate flipping, allowing you to practice and fidget with safety. The Wing is an improved version of the original BaliYo, featuring wider handles with longitudinal slots that give it better stability, durability, and ergonomics. The pen measures 4.25“, weighs less than 1 ounce and it features a wire pocket clip, making it easy to carry. Finally, as a nod to an EDC favorite, the BaliYo can take the Fisher Space Pen ink cartridge as its refill. Get it in one of its three different color combinations in the link below.

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