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The NEBO Holiday Gift Guide

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The NEBO Holiday Gift Guide

At the end of the day, our EDC is there to help get the job done. Whether you’re a thinker, tinkerer, dabbler, or doer, your tools should be well-built, perform up to the task, and help you accomplish your tasks and goals. We’ve partnered with our friends at NEBO to help each of these EDCers find the best tool for the job, and in this guide, we’ve put together four of our picks to give as gifts to yourself or for the special people on your list for the holidays.

For the Thinker: LUXTREME Rechargeable Flashlight

For the giftee on your list who has their kit dialed in and always thinking about how to improve or expand the usefulness of their EDC, the LUXTREME could be a solid addition to their list. It’s a do-it-all flashlight that makes the most out of modern flashlight manufacturing, meaning use of the latest and greatest 21700 battery as well as a built-in USB-C charging port to top it off with. What it nets you is versatile flashlight with four modes and up to 500 lumens of output. But don’t be fooled by that number, as the real figure to pay attention to is 202,500, which is the LUXTREME’s candela on its highest setting. This allows the light to push out its output over 900 meters (2,952 feet) away, while its lower modes allow for more manageable up-close illumination.

The LUXTREME comes in aircraft-grade aluminum in NEBO’s flagship Storm Gray color, and features deep, distinct knurling for grip on both the head and body. The light is IP66-rated against dust and water, with 1-meter impact protection as well. A side button controls power and modes, and a sealing USB-C port takes care of recharge duty. Last but not least, a 4000mAh li-ion 21700 battery is included so you have everything you need in the package to get started.

For the Tinkerer: WorkBrite Grab Flashlight

Work or projects can often last into the late hours of the night, and while in the old days this would call for a burning of the midnight oil, today’s tinkerer could benefit from a more convenient modern light. NEBO’s WorkBrite Grab is the perfect companion to keep you or your giftee going the extra mile, and is compact enough to be a perfect addition to any EDC. This task light is equipped with a 300-lumen Chip On Board (COB) LED with two modes that you can pivot up to 180 degrees to suit your workspace, hang it from the built-in hook, or even get light into hard-to-reach places with its magnetic base. Its COB light is also supplemented by a 100-lumen spotlight for 2-in-1 versatility.

Since the WorkBrite Grab is a modern light, it comes with built-in micro USB charging that lets it play well with your existing adaptors and power banks. Its durable build is water- and impact-resistant as well to the IPX4 standard, meaning you don’t have to worry about throwing it in with the rest of your tools until your next project. As an added bonus, it even comes with a telescopic magnetic grab tool with a flexible tip to help grab fallen screws, tools, or other materials that may have fallen off your bench, letting your work continue without having to rearrange your workspace.

For the Dabbler: Seven Multi-tool

The Seven takes its name from the shape of its convenient carabiner attachment, which lets the dabbler on your list keep it handy for any task or project they’re tackling for the day. It also stands for the seven tools that make up its repertoire. You get a non-locking knife and saw, pliers, wire cutters, a Phillips screwdriver, a bottle opener, and the aforementioned clip, in a compact, foldable tool you or your giftee can easily grab when needed.

The Seven comes built from anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, so you don’t have to worry about putting it to work. And when you do, the slight curve in the handles give you an ergonomic grip. At 3.26“ when closed and weighing in at a lightweight 0.2 pounds, it’s an easy addition to any EDC.

For the Doer: Right Angle LED Flashlight

For the doer on your list that gets their boots muddy and their hands dirty, the NEBO Right Angle LED flashlight can be a reliable companion. It’s an intrinsically safe flashlight, meaning it can be safely operated in hazardous environments where explosive gases, liquids, dust, or fibers are a regular part of the job. The Right Angle LED flashlight is certified and designed to operate without causing any sort of ignition that can react with those elements. As its name suggests, the light comes with a right angle head that makes the light ideal to be clipped on to a pocket, belt, or bag for hands-free operation, and comes with heavy-duty features to ensure its steady operation. These include a hydrogen gas release valve that safely releases any built-up gas in the light, a protected LED heatsink, and a tamper-proof battery carriage so there’s no accidental ingress or access into any internal components.

The Right Angle LED has two versatile modes, pushing out 320 lumens up to 250 meters for 6.5 hours on High, and 135 lumens to 180 meters for 13 hours on Low. A large glove-friendly power button on the rear allows easy operation between modes even while gloved. When you need to top up, the Right Angle LED takes 4 x AA batteries, but be sure to only use Energizer E91, Duracell MN1500, Rayovac AL-AA, or Varta 4906 cells to ensure safe operation. It comes with a flat base for tail standing in case you need to set it on a surface, and when you’re on the move a heavy-duty clip, hanging hook, or a lanyard let you EDC the light with ease.

There's more to see in NEBO holiday's sale, so be sure to check out the links above to see the rest of their catalog you can grab at a discount. And for all purchases, NEBO is throwing in a free carabiner no-touch tool to add to today's essential EDC.

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