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Pioneer Commuter Zip Wallet

Jonathan Tayag
Pioneer Commuter Zip Wallet

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In between a minimalist wallet and a light sling lies a niche that’s filled perfectly by a zip wallet. It lets you carry more than the usual cards or cash, while still being compact enough to slip into a larger pocket or your bag’s quick-access compartment. Pioneer’s new Commuter Zip Wallet is a solid option if you want to add versatility and utility to your everyday cash and card setup. As its name implies, it’s a zippered pouch-style wallet that holds your essential payment cards, credentials, cash, and coins securely within. And because it’s made out of premium technical fabrics, the Commuter Zip Wallet is built to last while offering superior resistance and durability.

The secret to the Pioneer Commuter Zip Wallet’s lightweight 41 gram construction is the use of 10XD technical fabric and 3PN three-ply nylon giving serious durability without the bulk of traditional leather and cloth. The water-resistant properties of these premium fabrics themselves are further enhanced with DWR coating and an AquaGuard YKK zipper, letting everything you put inside stay safe from the elements even if the rest of your gear and clothes don’t fare as well. This also means that if you leave it in your clothing when it goes through the wash, it won’t fall apart, and it’s actually a recommended means of cleaning this wallet when you need to.

But the materials used in a wallet don’t actually mean much if it doesn’t perform up to par, and the Commuter Zip Wallet punches above its weight class in that regard. You can open the zippered compartment and see an internal divider to separate different cards from cash and coins. There’s also a hidden zippered area for items that need additional security. Its design gives you plenty of versatility to load it up or slim it down depending on your EDC needs for the day: take the bare minimum cash and cards, or make use of it like an organizing pouch for smaller essentials like a backup multi-tool or flashlight.

Pioneer stands by the design and craftsmanship of this technical marvel of a zippered EDC wallet with a 10 year warranty that covers damage and defects. It’s rare to find a unique and compelling mix of smart design, technical materials, and practical application when it comes to everyday carry wallets, and the Pioneer Commuter Zip Wallet shows it can do it all and more. Check it out in two colors at Pioneer’s site at the link below.

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Uh, wait just one cotton-pickin' minute. Isn't this a case where manly, necessary, everyday gear ideas crosses-the-line into what is basically a man-purse? AKA, a 'murse'?

There is a frequently neglected principle of everyday carry and that is, "sometimes you WILL have to drop whatever you can't stow". Hands-free is sometimes the way of it.

It's hard to run for your life, toting anything in your hand. So, either it goes in a pocket or attaches to your belt but if it's anything like a purse that you gotta hold on to, ya probably need to re-evaluate whatever's in that cute little bag and set it aside. Just sayin'!