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Keep Safe During the Holidays with TASER Tools

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Keep Safe During the Holidays with TASER Tools

As we close in on the end of the year, nothing’s more important than staying safe, ensuring your loved ones are happy and protected (and taking home plenty of great gifts), and bracing ourselves to do it all over again next year. Which is why we’ve partnered with TASER Self-Defense to put together a set of self-defense essentials designed for everyday carry. From a flashlight essential to personal safety devices, they’ve got your back, both for the holidays and for the adventures ahead.

TASER StrikeLight

A flashlight is essential in every EDCer’s kit, and the TASER StrikeLight takes it to the next level by integrating a discreet self-protection tool into its functionality. You get a reliable 80-lumen output flashlight built with an ABS blend designed for extreme durability, so the StrikeLight won’t fail on you no matter the situation. With crenelated bezels on both ends, and a loud Warning Arc, the StrikeLight offers a deterrent at the touch of a button. And in an extreme emergency where contact is unavoidable, the StrikeLight’s stun capability can both startle and repel attackers to give you and your loved ones time to disengage and seek help. And when it’s time to head out again, a convenient built-in rechargeable battery ensures the light has enough power for your next excursion.

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The TASER Pulse is TASER’s less-lethal personal defense tool that can immobilize attackers for up to 30 seconds. It’s designed for civilian self-protection, built compact and discreet for ease of carry, and weighs in at just ounces. Two included 15’ cartridges offer you up to 15 feet of space in an emergency, and a high-visibility flashlight and targeting LASER assists with quick and precise target acquisition. The Pulse comes with an ambidextrous safety to ensure deliberate activation. When the device is armed and deployed the TASER Pulse can execute a 30-second muscular override to give you time to get away and seek help. The Pulse is built to last thanks to its high-impact polymer construction, and built to serve again thanks to TASER’s Safe Escape Guarantee which replaces the device free of charge if used in self-defense. Be sure to check state regulations before purchasing or using a Pulse device.

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TASER Pulse+

The TASER Pulse+ takes TASER’s self-defense platform to the next level, utilizing all the Pulse’s core features like its 15’ foot range and 30-second muscular override and adding in a key emergency dispatch feature. You get the same compact and 8 oz lightweight form factor built from high-impact polymer, as well as the same usability features like assisted targeting and the ambidextrous safety. But unique to the Pulse+ is Noonlight, a safety platform that integrates with an app on your smartphone and provides an emergency dispatch to your GPS location whenever the Pulse+ is fired. It’s backed by live dispatchers, so if you have to use your Pulse+, drop it and get to safety while help is on the way. And like the Pulse, the Pulse+ also comes with TASER’s Safe Escape guarantee which replaces it when the device is fired under duress. Be sure to check state regulations before purchasing or using a Pulse+ device.

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No matter which device you use, we hope you and your loves have a safe holiday this year. As an exclusive deal, get 15% off purchases of the StrikeLight, Pulse, and Pulse+ by using code EVERYDAYCARRY at checkout.

This is a sponsored post presented by TASER.

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Given that tasers only work about 50% of the time, I'd rather be armed with pepper spray.