My Everyday Carry

Photographer (age 26)
Mexico City
Shooting Day!

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may I ask where you are from? Im just curious because of the pellet gun.
It says he is from Mexico City in his Profile.
Chris is right, from Mexico City, Here we are not allowed to carry real guns :(
Ha! That really puzzled me... I have a Beretta PX4 in 9x19mm, and I was wondering if anybody actually carried it daily (...it's a large full-sized, duty pistol). But yours didn't look quite right?! The takedown pins are gone, and the safety/decocker has no Fire indicator. I was very confused! Then even more confused when your description said .177cal... that's a BB gun. But now I understand... well, Mr. Murray, if you visit Tucson, Arizona one day, you are very welcome to shoot my Beretta. I am happy to let you try it-- I bought it because the rotating barrel system (like a rifle bolt) is somewhat unique (Arne Boberg also uses it, I think...) and the recoil is especially horizontal and smooth. I often shoot Aguila through it, Hecho in Mexico. Take good care.