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Trending: Olight Open 2

Gabriel Colin
Trending: Olight Open 2

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If you’re running low on pocket space or just enjoy the versatility of multi-function EDC gear, the Olight Open 2 might be for you. The Open 2 is Olight’s first EDC pen with an illumination function, paired with a popular bolt-action mechanism. It measures 5.7“ (retracted tip) and weights only 1.34 oz including the battery, allowing easy carry alongside your existing writing utensils. The anodized aluminum pen features an L-shaped bolt action mechanism that allows for a quick, yet satisfying deployment, and the LED light has a maximum output of 120 lumens and 16 meters of throw, giving you plenty of spot illumination for daily tasks. It also features four different brightness setting which you can access via the top switch, including a 5-lumen Low with a 10-hour maximum runtime. When you run out of juice, you can recharge it in less than one hour via its USB type-C port. One unique feature on the Open is that you can set aside the light separate from the pen, letting you position it for a better angle while you jot away. Pick up this unique offering from Olight at the link below.

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My Quest ·
love seeing my gear on here. the watch is the Zodiac ZMX-01, it works great is very heavy duty and swiss made and has different bezels including a compass and a secondary timer
liam ·
what watch is that? looks great on the tread!