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Streamlight’s EDC Flashlight Showcase for 2021

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Streamlight’s EDC Flashlight Showcase for 2021

For EDC veterans and newcomers alike, Streamlight is a brand synonymous with flashlight innovation, value, and reliable performance. Through the years and through hundreds of submissions on the site we’ve seen their lights used and carried for daily tasks big and small. But the story doesn’t stop with the popular lights they’ve already made—they continue to push the practicality and utility of their designs, true even as we push into this new year. In this guide, we feature Streamlight’s newest flashlight, the Wedge™, as well as the EDC favorite, the MacroStream® USB and the bestselling ProTac® 1L-1AA. All of Streamlight's flashlights are designed with the usefulness they’ve been known for and built with new, modern features to take on the year ahead.


Streamlight designed the new Wedge™ to be an ultra-compact, high performance EDC light, with a unique form factor and an even more unique switch. The rotatable switch allows tactile control of a constant on of 300 lumens that goes out to 69 meters and runs for 3 hours, or a momentary THRO (“Temporarily Heightened Regulated Output”) mode for a burst of 1,000 lumens for 35 seconds. The switch also comes with charge indicator LEDs, for easy visuals when charging its built-in Lithium Polymer battery via its USB-C port. The Wedge’s slim 0.6“ anodized aluminum body slides easily into your pocket, and a deep carry clip and wrist lanyard give you additional options for carry.

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MacroStream® USB

At 4.5“ long and 0.83” in diameter, the MacroStream® USB is a compact personal light that will fit right inside your pockets, similar to the MicroStream® before it that put a reliable AAA flashlight in hundreds of EDCer’s pockets over the years. The body features an aluminum construction with type II mil-spec anodizing, giving it an IPX4 rating for water resistance and 1 meter of impact resistance. This makes the MacroStream® a durable performer while keeping it lightweight at 2.2 oz. The lens features scratch-resistant polycarbonate and every opening is sealed with an o-ring to prevent ingress. The MacroStream® also keeps the ergonomic shape of its predecessors: slimmer at the middle to provide you with a more secure grip and for ease of use of its two-way clip.

The MacroStream® USB features two simple modes, accessed by a push-button tail-switch. On High, you get a maximum output of 500 lumens with a beam distance of 90 meters and 2 hours of runtime. On Low, you get a 50-lumen output with a 30 meter beam and 8 hours of runtime. Voltage and power are provided by the built-in li-ion battery, charged by an onboard micro USB charging port covered by the head of the flashlight for extra protection. When the light runs out of power, simply slide the head to reveal the port, and when plugged in the MacroStream® takes about 4 hours to get a full charge. Streamlight takes the beloved form factor and takes it into the future with more power and thoughtful upgrades, while keeping the MacroStream® USB affordable for EDC.

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ProTac® 1L-1AA

Compared to its lithium-ion brothers, a lithium primary battery like a CR123A or AA brings a unique performance and longevity that’s perfect for a flashlight you rely on to work even in extreme conditions. They often have a higher capacity, last for years on a shelf without degrading, and are easily found in most hardware or electronics stores. The Streamlight ProTac® 1L-1AA was built to take advantage of these benefits and offer you an EDC light that you can rely on day in and day out, a light that just works, with no compromises.

The light accepts both CR123A and AA lithium or alkaline cells, and each can use the light’s 3 modes to suit your needs. With a CR123A cell the ProTac® 1L-1AA can push out 350 lumens on High and 40 lumens on Low, while an AA can do 150 and 40, respectively. For more specific needs, a TEN-TAP programming interface allows you to tailor its outputs to your need better, giving you a choice of 3 additional operating modes. The light’s outer shell comes in a durable anodized aluminum paired with an impact-resistant glass lens, and IPX7 rated for water and impact resistance. A removable, two-way pocket clip completes its features and EDC carry options.

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Karl Hicks ·
I absolutely love that they call it's temporary heightened regulated output. That's so much better than "Turbo" which makes it sound like it can be sustained. One of my biggest issues with modern torch mode naming.