To Be Prepared

Nigel Barker
Photographer (age 42)
New York, NY
I carry a lot of things... I don't really use a man-bag but rather stuff a bunch of pockets with all kinds of things. My Mum loves to tell my kids that she would refuse to empty out my pockets when I was a boy in fear of finding snakes, beetles and spiders in them! Well no more creepy crawlies but I do have the same watch my father gave me when I was 11 years old, a stainless steel Rolex Oysterdate. I prefer shirts with French cuffs, probably from years at an English boarding school but nonetheless I normally have cufflinks and my favorite pairs come from designer Tracey Mayer. I carry a pocket knife, not for defense but because as a photographer I always have things that need to be cut, opened or whittled! Knives with Damascus steel layers serve me the best. I love music and never leave the home without my iPod, the old school 160 GB version because it carries a ton of music. Obviously I carry a camera, sometimes several but my go to of which I have many is the Sony RX-100, small sleek and takes photos the way I see them. I normally have a flash drive on me with the last few weeks work on it just in case and love the Corsair Flash Survivor Drive, water proof, shock proof and looks cool! To keep all my tech working including my iPhone I always carry a Mophie which is basically a brick of power I can connect all my devices into while away from a conventional power source. Speaking of cool, I love my Persol Film Noir sun glasses. And like everyone I carry a key chain albeit with a beer opener attached and a Citibike keyring in case the Land Rover doesn't start ;-)

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Jambon ·
With Nigel here my wife thinks I am less of a weird nerd. Thank you. Is the blade a Boker?
Chris Szaroleta ·
Another Mophie user! Nice post.