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Dango A10 Adapt Wallet in New Colors

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Dango A10 Adapt Wallet in New Colors

As EDCers we pride ourselves on being able to adapt to and overcome the unpredictable—with the help of our essentials, of course. In the same spirit of adapting to rise to the occasion, Dango designed their Adapt series of wallets with this versatility and modularity in mind. Centered around an aircraft grade aluminum chassis, the Adapt Wallet can accommodate add-ons and accessories to shape shift into a wallet solution that’s specialized to your needs. The A10 Adapt wallet gets a fresh new look this year, with four bold new color options to better blend in with the rest of your gear in a themed carry, or stand out all its own as a statement piece.

New for 2021, Dango expands the A10 from its original slate grey offering to a whole lineup in brand new colors: Crimson Red, Champagne Gold, Satin Silver, and Jet Black. The A10 Adapt Wallet chassises are made in the USA using premium 6061 aerospace grade aluminum, which are then anodized in these bold new colors as an aesthetically striking protective upgrade. The use of aluminum keeps these wallets exceptionally durable yet light weight at 2.3 oz, while giving the added benefit of RFID protection to keep your cards secure.

One side of the A10 wallet features a horizontal section for up to 4 cards, protected by a removable RFID-blocking aluminum plate. The cavity on the other side is left unshielded for use with ID credentials, key cards, and contactless payment cards. It also doubles as a low-profile container for emergency cash and flat objects like an SD card when stored behind a credit card.

The A10 Adapt Wallet’s killer app is its unique rail system which lets you attach modular adapters in Dango’s A-Series of gear to increase your wallet’s maximum capacity, carry options, and functionality. You can slide in a single pocket adapter to store 4 more cards, a bifold pocket adapter to hold up to 9 additional cards, a pen wallet that accommodates a Dango Pen and Notebook, a storage capsule for holding gear, a magnetic phone mount to consolidate your carry, and more.

With such robust modularity in the A-Series platform, the A10 Adapt Wallet was already a promising option for a wallet to suit your EDC needs. And now with many more color options in the mix, it’s easier than ever to pick an A10 Adapt wallet to mesh with your EDC in both function and form. Check out the A10 Adapt Wallet and the new colors at the link below, and use promo code VDAY2021 for an additional 20% off their entire store.

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