My Everyday Carry

Aaron Miller

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A J D ·
I love my moleskine Star Wars Notepad. It is excellent!
Marc luoma ·
Same question about the Sub. Do you prefer this over the SS bracelet? Why?
Aaron Miller ·
Hi Marc!
Because James Bond used a Sub and NATO Strap.
Love the Sub
Aaron Miller ·
Hi Greg!Sorry for my late reply.
I love the Sub too!
Love the Submariner in a strap. Did you sort that yourself? Often fancied mine on a rubber strap.
Aaron Miller ·
Hi Dan.
I bought this strap in FEIT.
Scott Gordon ·
Why would someone carry an ipod AND an iphone?
Aaron Miller ·
Hi I am a Jigga fan. I have seen you in PV.
When I drive, I use 80G.
Bernard Capulong ·
lol I gotta hit up Aesop one of these days. What would you recommend from there?
Aaron Miller ·
I recommend the body spray :)
I love that Moleskine!
Aaron Miller ·
Thanks! I love StarWars too.
LaBrousse ·
NIce set. May I ask what bag do you use to carry this stuff ?
Kevin McDowell ·
Gotta be a good sized murse or maybe a laptop bag with lots of storage
Aaron Miller ·
I use this tote in shopping!
Aaron Miller ·
I have Bill Amberg's laptop bag too :)
Chris Szaroleta ·
A packable tote! Clever...
Aaron Miller ·