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Nitecore T4K

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Nitecore T4K

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Just when you think keychain flashlights can’t get any better, Nitecore finds a way to push the envelope with their innovative keychain lights time and time again. Nitecore keychain lights offer incredibly high outputs, portable designs, and easy to use interfaces that make them stand out from the rest. It still holds true for the new Nitecore T4K. With its maximum 4,000-lumen output, it proves even small lights can hang with the big leagues.

As its name would suggest, the T4K sports an impressive maximum output of 4,000 lumens despite measuring only 3.24“ and weighing in in at 2.72 oz. This amazing output is achieved thanks to the combination of  4 x CREE XP-L2 V6 LEDs and a built-in 1,000 mAh li-ion battery that you can recharge via USB-C. It features an anodized aluminum construction with IP54-rated water- and impact resistance to withstand the rough and tumble of keychain carry.

Its dual button interface grants access to 5 different brightness settings. These modes range from a 1-lumen Ultralow up to its 4,000-lumen Turbo. A dedicated power button turns the light on and off, a separate “Mode” button lets you cycle through its modes. You’ll know which mode you’re currently in and exactly how much runtime you have left thanks to a built-in OLED screen. The Turbo mode is special in the fact that you can instantly gain access to it by holding the “Mode” button from a turned off state. The light will stay on for 10 seconds before stepping down to its 200-lumen High.

Further complementing its versatility and functionality, the T4K also comes with two different lockout modes. Press and hold the power button to access either of them. The “Half-lockout” will prevent the light from accidentally turning on, except for the Turbo mode. The full lockout mode will completely shutdown all activations of the light until removed, which is great for long-term storage.

Some other features features worth mentioning are the fact that its stainless steel keychain ring can withstand up to 66 pounds of pull, a mechanical quick-release design that allows you to easily detach it when you need to use it, a built-in Advanced Temperature Regulation to prevent it from over-heating, short-circuit protection, and APC technology, which drastically reduces power consumption during standby.

If you want a versatile light in a compact package with an incredible potential for power and many thoughtful features, the Nitecore T4K is definitely worth your consideration. If it caught your eye, you can take a look in the link below.

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