Gentleman's Carry

Chris Szaroleta
Murfreesboro, TN
Going out on the town this evening!

Some pals and I will dip into a local cigar shop for a drink or two and then skip around to other local adult establishments for a fun filled evening to celebrate a birthday.

Please allow me to explain this set up.

These sunglasses are my favorites. I only release them from the clamshell prison on special occasions.

I minimized my keys to only the necessities. A backup lighter, the Brewzer for getting into trouble...I mean...bottles of beer and the Style for whatever else.

The wallet is there to keep my bills, cards and ID tidy and easily accessible.

I've spoken of the Sage plenty in the forums...man, do I love this knife!

Despite my early autumn appearance in my profile pic, I'm now sporting a rather bushy beard. A gentleman takes care to groom himself throughout the evening. A small comb does the trick nicely.

Field Notes and the Zebra for whatever may come.

The MC11 is slightly bulkier than I would normally prefer on a night like this, but I felt that it fit tonight's carry better than any others.

The Zippo is obvious...CIGARS!

The Altichron is classy, sporty and all around functional. It's a touch of eye catching style whenever my wrist is exposed to the world.

Your basic 6 oz. stainless steel flask. As I've said in the forums, I live roughly 40 minutes from the Jack Daniel's distillery in Lynchburg, TN. You better believe this flask is filled to the brim with Old No. 7.

When sitting around, puffing cigars or throwing back shots of a fine single malt scotch, the tiny pocket companion, Stuff Every Man Should Know, will be a fine conversation piece.

Despite it being seated firmly in my left pocket every single day, I've never actually placed this USD .$25 Quarter in any other picture I've posted. I was holding out for this date. A coin is perfect for settling up or making decisions with others. Heads or tails? (Always go with tails.) I found this Quarter on the ground in downtown Nashville while my wife and I waited in the 16th and 17th places in line to grab up special pre-sale Foo Fighters tickets. We arrived to the venue at 4:30AM and didn't purchase the tix until 10:30AM. She's a pretty big Dave Grohl fan. Oh, I forgot to mention, it's my birth year!

Speaking of the lady, of course I'll have my wedding band so other women know I'm already accounted for. Duh!

Finally, the cigar cutter should explain itself. Gotta snip the tip!

Thanks for checking out tonight's specialty carry. Enjoy!

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Looks good Chris
Chris Szaroleta ·
Thanks, DGM! From what I understand, a swig and a cigar go a long way... ;-)
Good stuff as always Chris! I'd like to see the morning after hangover carry ;-)
Chris Szaroleta ·
Pffft! I don't get hangovers anymore...I have a trick!

First, I never drink too much. Casual sipping, mostly. Fine drinks require just a bit on the tongue at a time to appreciate the flavor.

Second, before I depart for the evening, I swallow a cocktail of Tylenol and Ibuprofen, which combats the alcohol as it enters my system. Works like a charm! Come to think of it, I should have included it in the pic! Man...