Brass and leather every day

Maker (age 32)
Coeur d Alene, Idaho

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Great EDC! I love you work too. Can't wait to order a Field notes cover.
Brass and leather are just meant to be together, im slowly trying to bring some brass items into my edc and this has givin my some great ideas.
I'm going for a brass loadout this year also. Great carry!
Beautiful shot of beautiful gear. Really does your EDC justice. Props!
The brass and tan leather is very classy, nice EDC.
What a perfect EDC.
I think brass is the best material due to it's patina's and aging. I really appreciate this carry
Love that pocket notebook cover!
Thanks. I just upped the sexy to 11 by forcing a patina on the brass. The end result was fantastic.

How do you force the patina? I have a brass buckle on my leather messenger bag and I think it must be coated, as over the past 4 years no patina has even started. Is there a way for force patina on coated brass?
Here's a write up I did on how to force the patina: http://craftandlore.com/1742/forcing-patina-brass-edc/

As for a coated buckle, you'd have to strip the coating off using a chemical descaler. So you'd have to remove the buckle from the bag. It may or may not be worth the effort, depending on how badly you want the patina.
Where is the watch from?
I picked up that watch from jackthreads.com sometime back.