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Olight Open 2 Blue LE

Gabriel Colin
Olight Open 2 Blue LE

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One of the most effective ways you can do more while carrying less is by consolidating your gear. You’re probably familiar with multi-tools and Swiss Army Knives as common examples of combining functionality for a more efficient EDC. But if there’s one curiously uncommon functional combo, it would be a literal penlight. Building upon their EDC and tactical flashlight expertise, Olight brings another EDC crowd favorite staple—the bolt action pen—into the fold with their Open 2 pen/flashlight combo. And new for this year, it comes in a limited edition blue colorway to stand out in a streamlined setup.

The Open 2 is Olight’s first EDC pen with a built-in illumination function, paired with a popular bolt-action deployment. It measures 5.7“ with its tip retracted, and weights only 1.34 oz including the battery, allowing easy carry alongside your existing writing utensils. The L-shaped bolt-action mechanism on the anodized aluminum body allows for a quick, yet satisfying deployment. Not only does this type of mechanism reduces the chances of accidental activation, but offers a fidget opportunity for restless hands.

This particular version of the Open 2 comes in a limited edition metallic blue, which Olight often uses as its signature color or accent, which, in popular culture, often represents calmness, inspiration, spirituality, and the sea. The Open’s LED light has a maximum output of 120 lumens and 16 meters of throw, giving you plenty of spot illumination for daily tasks. It also features four additional modes accessible via the top switch, including a 5-lumen Low with a 10-hour runtime.

One unique feature on the Open 2 is that you can set aside the light separate from the pen, letting you position it for a better angle while you jot away. This is an invaluable feature if you’re in a hurry to write something down with no light in your immediate area. And when you run out of juice, you can recharge the Open 2 in under an hour via its built-in USB-C port.

Olight’s Open 2 is a unique accessory for any EDCer looking for a unique new writing tool, a limited edition collectible to match their flashlight, an interesting new way to consolidate their gear, or all of the above. Pick up this limited edition blue colorway while you can at the link below.

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Scott Estes ·
A cursory glance at the reviews on Amazon suggests there are some quality control issues with the ink cartridges.
Greg Cushing ·
Open is a great idea,just fix the ink cartridges and then it would make a great penlight.