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Trending: Seisakusho Higo no Kami Brass

Gabriel Colin
Trending: Seisakusho Higo no Kami Brass

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This Japanese knife finds its origins with the end of the samurai era. “Higo no Kami” actually means “Lord of Higo,” the area where this knife originated. Bladesmiths used to making quality katana knives found themselves struggling to make ends meet, so they began to pursue the civilian market with a practical folding knife that borrowed some of what made their swords great. The key to the cutting power of the Higo no Kami is the forging process Japanese artisans use to make the blades. Like the katanas of old, the Higo no Kami has both hard and soft steel melded into a single blade, a combination that allows the edge to be very sharp while not being so brittle that it will chip as a result of everyday use. The steel on this particular knife is called Warikomi steel, measuring approximately 3“ with the brass satin handle approximately 4”. This particular Higo no Kami is crafted by hand in Japan by one of the last remaining trademarked makers, Nagao Kanekoma Seisakusho. At approximately 1.58 oz, this friction folder will disappear inside your pockets or bag and offers a touch of the old world for today’s modern EDC. Pick one up at the link below.

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