A quirky architecture student's EDC

Kevin Keller
Architect (age 23)
Bristol, Rhode Island
This selection is typical of the items I carry everyday with me as a graduate architecture student. I often prefer vintage, practical items over newer ones, but many of the items are still made today and can be purchased as in the case of the architecture items and pens.

I love a good hat and when I was last at Brooks Brothers in Boston I picked up the Lock fedora on deep discount. It's definitely a stand out item, but I love its looks and feel. I seem to get an equal amount of compliments and criticism over it.

I don't like carrying a wallet, which is why I use a money clip and card case. Both were gifts that I received over the years.

The proportional dividers come in handy all the time for me as I am often sketching on the go, and like to accurately transfer proportions to the page. Plus, they have so many practical uses in drawing that they are indispensable to me. Being made of hard rolled nickel silver they can take a beating.

The two field books are vintage, and I am currently using them to document my thesis project. I recently went on a splurge and bought over 50 of them. Hopefully, that will last me a while.

The Glashütte was a happy find while looking in an antique store. It's beautiful and just the right combo of mid-century and timeless design that I often love to find. Sadly, I can't afford a modern-day Glashütte watch...

I collect vintage Montblanc and Pelikan fountain pens and these two are my daily use pens. They are the perfect size, hold a lot of ink and can always be relied upon.

The flat scale is often used to check measurements and whatnot when I don't have access to a full-size flat or triangular scale.

The pill case holds breath mints and was a promotional item from Shaeffer pen company that I received as a gift a while back.

Lastly, is my sketchbook, which I use often to make perspectives. I like A4 hardbound sizes, and the S&B has great paper which works for fountain pens, pencils and watercolor. It is well made and lies open flat, which is hard-to-find in a hardbound sketchbook.

All of this is carried in a beat Filson 256.

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Chris Szaroleta ·
What man shouldn't have a Fedora?! Who knows when there could be an impromptu hunt for treasure that might end up in a museum. PS - You'll also need a whip...