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Lorenzo Duron
Dallas, TX
I don't carry 2 knives, I alternate between the two pictured, however, I do carry the Milwaukee Fastback more than I do the CRKT Pilar. This is mainly due to me being a tinkerer and at times doing flooring and some contracting work or rewiring stuff that doesn't need it so that type of blade is better suited for that sort of thing, but if I'm going out or something then I most definitely take the Pilar. I tend to carry an OWB mag holster with an AIWB holster because it allows me more room in front so that I can better position my pistol more comfortably and still have a back up magazine on my side. The UltraFire flashlight is hands down my favorite pocket flashlight, it's really cheap, clips to the pocket, 300 lumens, but a pretty bright 300 lumens, I compared it to a Coast Flashlight I had that was 300 lumens as well and the UltraFire to me looked brighter, didn't have a hotspot but a solid circle of light and had better indirect light spill, meaning you don't have to point it directly onto an object to see what it is. The UltraFire also runs on a single AA battery which I prefer battery over charging, I have spare batteries if I need a new one I can just pop it in and go without having to find a wall and wait for my light to charge. I don't smoke, but the Bic Lighter comes in handy to burn threads, secure heat shrink, and even a couple of times as an ice breaker when approaching women (For legal purposes this is a joke, women who smoke are too cool for me).

Things I'd like to get are a small multitool, I have a Leatherman Mut, but I don't really care to bring that around with me everywhere. I'd also like to get an ankle First-Aid Kit, I have a CAT Tourniquet, but I don't always carry it with me even though I most definitely should. I was trained in Combat First-Aid, but that was so long ago that I'm positive that a refresher course would do me some good. I'd also like to get a better belt, right now I wear a Dickies Heavy Duty Belt from Walmart and it's decent, but I am wanting to get the Blue Alpha Gear Low Profile Belt because it doesn't necessarily have a buckle and that's more ideal for appendix carry because I really don't like turning my buckle to the side just to fit my firearm.

Anyway, that's it for me for now, I used to carry a backpack with me everywhere, but I haven't done that in a while. If I do decide to do that again then I'll be sure to post it on here for y'all to see!

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