Zero One/Two Zero/Two Zero One Five

Murfreesboro, TN
I don't carry the Sebenza too often, but when I do, she certainly elevates my mood.

Everything else is sorta same ol', same ol'...

At this point, I'm more so toying with different picture taking techniques.


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Ahh dude love the CR sebenza, cant wait till the day I get one. that knife makes the edc
It's definitely fun to carry and show off. A guy in my office who knows I'm into knives was asking about it on a day I was carrying it. I didn't make a big deal out of it, but I told him the make/model and let him hold it. He went back to his desk and Googled and then threw a paper wad at my head and screamed, "Are you insane?!" when he say the price. A bit of an overreaction, I suppose, but he's not into knives so he didn't understand the level of quality control you truly get with this knife.
Like the prespective of your photo... The wayfarers are stunning. Thanks for sharing with us...
Clever EDC label, Chris.
Class. Enough said.
Much appreciated, Sir!
wow, never seen matte metal wayfarers! dope
Thanks, Bernard! When I stumbled upon these at a Sunglass Hut a few months ago, they had only been out for a week or so. When I saw them, my jaw dropped and I gave my wife the "pleeeeeeeeease???" look and she knew I wasn't leaving the store without them. Once I knew they were mine, it came down to these or the black pair. Although there's typically more black in my EDC, I went with these because the brownish sorta titanium color goes just as well with black as the actual black ones. As a matter of fact, paired with the Sebenza, the color is almost identical. Anyway, it was the right choice (doesn't mean I don't still want the black pair)! :-D