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Marcus Oliveira
Brasília, Brazil
I like things that are multipurpose, that fits many contexts. Starting with the headphones, they have awesome quality for editing videos and even great sound stage for playing games and watching movies.
The Garmin is literally everyday carry serving me as a smart and sportswatch.

The Iphone is an agglomerate of services, for works matters, for entertainment, it also can substitute GoPro in certain ways. But GoPro is the hardworker that doesn't bother in taking risks, get the job done when needed, I like to use it most for my MTB videos.

The Oakleys, just love it! It's design matches with everything I put on. But the lenses are the gem here, prizm polarized gives me great colors and contrast, making harsh light easier to deal with. Also very nice for mountain biking, hiking, even though there are models made for it.

The CrankBrothers I use more for tripod plates and gimbals than for my bike itself,
but it is always with me. Nothing is perfect, but it could be if it had a blade haha.

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