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Trending: G-SHOCK GD-100-1B

Gabriel Colin
Trending: G-SHOCK GD-100-1B

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G-SHOCK watches are overbuilt, super resistant, digital timepieces with a plethora of features inside that make them a literal solid choice for EDC, and the GD-100-1B is no exception. It comes with a 55mm diameter case that’s both shock- and water-resistant rated up to 200 meters. The large case also provides a solid platform for a larger dial, which in turn improves legibility. The watch itself is packed with features like an accurate digital quartz movement, LED backlight, multiple time zones, and five independent alarms. The GD-100-1B can be set to display either a 12 or 24 hour format, if you prefer military time. Finally, a full auto calendar programmed until 2099 ensures a lifetime of date tracking. For its price, it offers tremendous value, no matter what activities you’re engaged in. You can pick one up at the link below.

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