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Mahrezza F
Jakarta, Indonesia
At first, I've thought of switching from leather to something else, like kydex, turns out I can't really get away from it, so here it is, my recent daily carry.
A custom leather holster made by a friend here, keeping both my Vic Camper and XTar WK18, an 18650 flashlight together, this holster got a really slim profile, and comfortable to wear.
Leatherman Rebar, rarely used, but if there's something I can't do with my Camper, I can do it with the Rebar, and it's quite light too, not as heavy as my Wave.
I dislike quartz watch, just because I have to replace the battery, so my Seiko been with me for the last 7-8 years, I replace the original strap with the leather one as soon as I got the watch.
F-701 , everyone's favorite, good value for money.
That keychain thingy is made from brass and has titanium blade, definitely a good bottle and package opener.
A card holder, since I only carry small amount of cash with me and a Leather key holder keeping my Keys nice and quiet since 2010.
and lastly, not the most special but the most important thing since my job is related to social media and stuff, a smartphone.

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Josh ·
Very nice! I'm curious exactly what that Brass/Ti blade opener tool is called/who makes it?
Mahrezza F ·
I don't know what it's called either, but it sure is nice and foldable, and the Ti Blade retain its edge nicely.
Our friend in Bali made this, look him up as @toetsur on instagram, He made some interesting custom scale for all kind of knife.
Josh ·
Thanks for the information!