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Karlstad, Sweden
Just discovered the E.D.C lifestyle and this is the gear I've got so far. Working on a better loadout in time but this fill my every need for now. So if you got any tips on gear that could be useful I am all ears.

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Hey Mike cool EDC stuff, I have some of the same items in my pack, looking to enhance my pack as well to better serve my situations.
A fellow Suunto wearer...NICE!
Great products, they have never let me down!
You said it, Micke!
Hey Micke I have a few of the same items you have, good stuff, I'm looking to enhance my E.D.C Pack as well
I guess we all have to start somewhere, right? Yesterday I bougt a Buck knives Spitfire and replaced the csar-t. The csar-t was a bit to big