RovyVon New Innovative Penlight, Dual Power Supply

This brand new RovyVon H3 pen flashlight uses a dual power supply system, which means it is compatible with the replaceable AAA and 10400 rechargeable battery, but also includes a rechargeable 330mAh built-in Li-Po battery. As a result of this feature, it apparently can run a much longer time, always ready to go and illuminate for you all the way. It will be switched to the built-in battery power supply when it runs out of the external battery(AAA). There is a battery indicator showing you which one you are using.

It also comes with dual switches--- the side switch and the tail switch. Both two buttons share the same function, user friendly, depend on your use environment and your preference. It allows you to turn on by side switch and off by tail switch.

Multi Modes for Different Environments: Moonlight(0.5lm)-Low(10lm)-Med(100lm)-High(400lm)-Strobe-SOS-Beacon. 7 modes, this new Penlight can serve you well while repairing, working, inspecting.

It costs $39.95 on Amazon. I bet you will enjoy this penlight a lot.

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