Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point Copper Fountain Pen


Pilot's premium Namiki collection gets a touch more class with this limited edition model featuring a copper-colored barrel with Rhodium accents. As with all Vanishing Point models, the 18k Rhodium-plated nib retracts with a click of the top knock button, protecting it from bending or leaking into your pocket and allowing for fine writing without sacrificing portability. Only 2014 units were made of this copper model, so if you're looking for something unique in your fountain pen experience, the Vanishing Points may be for you.

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I have the 1964 Original, use it everyday!
The old "stealth" vanishing point fountain pen was the best I'd ever had. Unfortunately I lost it somewhere. I bought one of these as a replacement, but the location of the clip on this one makes it very uncomfortable to write with. I gave it away.