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Orbitkey National Geographic Collection

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Orbitkey National Geographic Collection

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When it comes to everyday carry, often the primary concern is what gear to pick to carry better, carry smarter. The details matter and the quality of life improvements you can make by curating your gear is what makes this hobby so special. But increasingly, being able to carry gear that’s is more sustainable and friendly to the environment is also important. After all, when we’re buying for life, we’re aiming to be around for as long as possible.

Orbitkey has been in the business of sorting out the mess of unorganized keys and pockets for years now, and they’ve decided to tackle the sustainability problem at the same time with this new release. This collaboration with the National Geographic Society features an innovative plant-based leather that’s far kinder to the environment than traditional leather, with designs inspired by all nature has to offer, from sea to land to sky.

You may not think about it, but the way to make traditional leather requires a lot of steps that are very intensive in terms of its impact to the environment, from the harvesting of leather to treating it with chemicals and then working it into the EDC goods that make up a big part of our lives. With the plant-based Desserto Cactus Leather developed by Orbitkey, you get the look, feel, and durability of leather in a more eco-friendly form. And with this limited edition collaboration design with National Geographic, you can choose from 3 different topographic styles inspired by the mountains, the ocean, or the stars, with 8 unique prints for each style.

The topographic lines on the Orbitkey body evoke the future outside adventures you’ll take as a reminder to go out and explore the great outdoors and help to preserve it for years to come. And aside from the great looks and the sustainability aspects of this release, the Orbitkey remains one of the best ways for you to eliminate annoying key jangle in your pockets and organize your pocket carry for up to 7 keys including key fobs and RFID dongles for access.

Orbitkey's National Geographic Collection does more than just organize your keys. Every purchase helps the global non-profit National Geographic Society support scientists, educators, conservationists, and more. These key organizers are available for a limited time only. Grab your choice of topographic style: Mountain, Ocean, or Stars at the link below while you can.

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