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Fenix PD35 V3.0 18650 Flashlight

Gabriel Colin
Fenix PD35 V3.0 18650 Flashlight

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With its rock-solid construction, reliable performance, and efficient interface, the Fenix PD35 series has long been a popular EDC staple for medium-sized flashlights. It set the standard for a useful everyday light, and now returns in its 3rd iteration, bringing everything that makes the light great and easy to use while making tweaks in the right places without reinventing the wheel.

The PD35 has its roots in tactical use, which explains the need for simple and efficient activation. It uses a dual switch system, with the tail switch handling momentary and constant activation, and a side switch taking care of mode switching between its six modes for up to a new and improved 1,700 lumens along with mode memory. Long pressing the side button activates a strobe at max output for emergency situations, while also serving as a battery indicator.

V3.0 of the PD35 improves on its previous generation by nearly doubling its max output thanks in part to a new Luminus SFT40 LED, sitting at 1,700 lumens for up to 357 meters on Turbo compared to its predecessor’s 1,000 lumens. You also have access to four other regular modes, including a a 5-lumen Eco mode designed to maximize runtime for up to 230 hours. As with previous models, the light is powered by a single included 2600mAh 18650 battery rechargeable via micro-USB, with compatibility for 2 x CR123A primaries.

Like most tactical-designed flashlights, the PD35 uses 6061-T6 aluminum for its body which offers light weight and durability, with construction rated for IP68 water and impact resistance. The midsection also features a sleeker new knurling pattern for a secure grip, and includes a friction pocket clip to give you extra options for EDC.

The Fenix PD35 V3.0 continues to be the benchmark for a solid everyday light, offering plenty of performance and features for an inexpensive price point. Add this favorite to your carry at the link below.

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Slaughterhouse ·
This is a terrible EDC flashlight. Thr clip puts the flashlight at entirely the wrong place. It has the wrong battery type. It still uses the archaic micro USB interface. It has low CRI, so colors appear incorrectly. The overly-complocated button system is difficult to use. The clip is useless, because it does not hold the flashlight on a belt, and carries far too high in a pocket. Heck, the clip does not hold the flashlight in a pocket. The tail stand is terrible. Other than low mode, whatever light this flashlight offers is only fleeting. It is not PD-compliant. Grip is difficult, due to the poor knurling. The poor design makes finding the side button difficult. Its actual water resistance is poor. Condensation gets in. Let's see. Poor light beam, bad clip, water-absorbing body, bad switches, wrong battery, charge issues, wrong charge port type, grip issues...is there anything good about this flashlight? I would rate this flashlight in the junk category.

Have you actually used this flashlight?
Love Fenix lights and the PD35 in particular. Have just about every iteration of the light except for the tactical version. But still rocking a micro usb? They’ve made usb c lights already, just fully commit to the future already.