My Every Day Carry in Los Angeles

Adam Amengual
Photographer (age 33)
Los Angeles, CA
There are a few other things that get rotated in and out but these items are always with me. Depending if I am driving or not I either take the car key set or the key fold. I have had that CDG wallet for over 10 years, been thinking of replacing it but I just love how worn it is, I think I am going to just try to get the zipper replaced soon. Things not shown are my Kleen Kanteen water bottle, whatever book I am currently reading and PMW backpack.

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Mick Taffy Evans ·
loving the camera. I shoot Pentax myself but Contax are great too :)
Chris Szaroleta ·
Fantastic gear, Adam!
Adam Amengual ·
thank you!
Kevin McDowell ·
Digging the knife and Keypal. Need to add a key solution to my EDC
Adam Amengual ·
Thanks for selecting my submission as a staff pick!