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Leatherman Raptor Response Shears

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Gabriel Colin
Leatherman Raptor Response Shears

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Multi-tools often offer tools or features for most general tasks, but sometimes the job calls for a specialized tool. And while Leatherman might be more known for their butterfly-style multi-tools, their trauma shears are in a league of their own for reliable and functional performance. The original Raptor has proven itself as one of the best additions to any first responder’s EDC, and the new Raptor Response arrives as a more compact and pocket-friendly companion, without skimping on its specialized features.

Like the original Raptor, the main body of the Raptor Response is built around a pair of folding trauma shears, an essential tool for delivering first aid. These shears themselves are built from tough and easily maintainable stainless steel, while the handles are made from lightweight aluminum coated with Cerakote. The ceramic coating not only makes surfaces more resistant against scratches, but also heat, corrosion, and chemicals. The addition of these full-metal handles make the Raptor Response more durable compared to the original, which uses nylon handles.

In addition to the shears, which come with blunt tips to avoid further injury when cutting around clothing, the Response offers access to 3 other functions including a ring cutter, a 5cm ruler, and an oxygen wrench. While these might be 2 fewer  functions than the original Raptor, in exchange you get a smaller footprint of 4.3“ while closed and 7.3” when deployed, compared to the original 5“ and 8”. The smaller size also means a lighter weight, staying down at 5.5 ounces, 0.3 less than the original.

While the Response’s changes are minimal, they’re designed to make the most out of the platform and your pocket space. The more accessible size means a more convenient carry you don’t have to think about, making it an easy addition to your carry when out on a commute, on a camping trip, or even as a part of your regular first aid kit. And for even more convenience the Response retains both the lanyard hole and pocket clip from the original design, giving you all the options to round out your EDC. Pick one up in 3 colors at the link below.

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I actually ended up using the strap cutter second most on the original Raptor, to the ring cutter. Struggling to see the point of these, unless the quality is improved. I’ll be curious to see how these hold up after months of post use sanitizing.
Phasmainmachina ·
I’ve got a pair of the original Raptors, so I thought I’d check these out, one problem is the link above does NOT take you to a page selling the Leatherman Raptor Response, it takes you to a page selling a cheap Chinese knock-off of the Raptor! Reviews seem to rate the copy as being ok, but not if anyone’s expecting the Raptor Response! Please sort out the link to the correct product.