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Trending: Magpul DAKA Essential Wallet

Mikey Bautista
Trending: Magpul DAKA Essential Wallet

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Magpul designed the DAKA Essential polymer wallet to stand up to both hard use and the elements like they did with their popular phone cases and EDC pouches in the DAKA line. The technical fabric itself has water-resistant properties, keeping your essentials dry from most everything short of immersing it in water. And if it does get wet, the polymer also boasts an anti-slip texture to keep it in place. It has room for up to six cards and some emergency cash in its slim and lightweight polymer fabric frame. At just 3mm thin when empty, it's a wallet that stays discreet and low profile in your pocket. With its rounded corners and smooth edges, slipping it in and out of your pocket is a breeze as well.

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I've had one for a couple years now. My biggest complaint is my cards would slowly creep out of the pockets. Of course I carried it in my back pocket.